Fibreglass Scrim Laminated Film

Fibreglass Mesh Laminated Film⁄ Foil

like Light Weight Fiberglass Mesh Backed Foil Insulation Finish is Reflects most of radiation heat (blocks 97% of radiation heat)

Fibreglass Mesh Laminated Metalized Film

Take light weight glass fibrous mesh (only 31gto 300 g) as backing and reflective aluminum foil or film as outer side, this foil mesh insulation jacketing SunPro offers usually be installed for pipe insulation in automobile and so does to wall and roof insulation.


  • light weight will not add more burden to carrier;
  • fantastic durable
  • pliable and tough flexible easy to be installed from any angle.


  • Reinforced Lamination
  • Lamination For Foam Based Insulations Materials Manufacturing

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Weight Dimendion
Printing quality
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