Woven Ground Cover

Ground covers are specially designed to allow water to penetrate into the soil and also ensure that the crops get proper sunlight and at the same time restrict insects but also protect them without damaging wildlife. The said Ground Cover is manufactured by weaving the Polypropylene tapes together. They possess great strength and are highly durable. We offer ground covers that are UV stabilized and last for long life in direct heat and sunlight. Our manufactured Ground Cover usually has marker lines every 12″ for proper plant alignment. It helps to retain the moisture in the soil and maintains the soil temperature. These covers are flexible in application and used in landscape situations for insect protection, weed control, temperature control, frost prevention, etc. Ground covers are the best choice for horticultural applications, aesthetic appearances. They are available in different weights, colors, widths, and lengths. These covers resist tearing, puncturing, weed penetration saving both time and money! Ground covers can be used in varied applications depending on your choices.


  • Provides cost effective covering
  • Long lasting and optimum quality
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Very effective in blocking weeds and soil erosion
  • Due to its water absorbent quality, it allows soil to breathe
  • Prevents soil / land washout due to rainfall
  • Used for 100% chemical free weed control
  • Having high tensile strength
  • Highly durable
  • Tough and tear resistant
  • Highly resistant to UV & chemicals and mildew


  • Landscaping or Plantation
  • Gardens
  • Stabilizing Soil
  • Green houses
  • Farming of fruits and vegetables
  • Plant nurseries
  • Outdoor as well as indoor use for green houses
  • Cultivation of fruits and vegetables
  • Parks, gardens, sports fields and golf courses
  • Sports fields and golf tracks

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Quality Policy

We insure that all its products are made from the finest raw materials. We apply stringent Quality checks to assure that they successfully face the challenges of weather. Every product Manufactured by us passes through various quality checks under the vigilance of our skilled And quality conscious professionals. The quality of the products is checked from the first to the Last stage of production. We thoroughly check the finished products on different quality testing Parameters that include:

Weight Dimendion
Printing quality
Stitching quality

We believe in an empowered workforce, striving to meet the world class standards and maintain it for creating an edge in the market place. We endeavour to touch peak levels of performance by matching business excellence with potentialities of individuals and creating an environment of ownership at workplace.